HP fanfic: The Other Child Of The Prophecy

Hey, all!
I just wrote this fanfic randomly. I think, it’s going to be a series of a few stories and scenes from the side characters from the HP world, or maybe it will a collection of write-ups from Neville’s life, I am not sure but I am open to write anything that comes through. So, here is first of many from the series to come. 
The Other Child Of The Prophecy

Three weeks had passed since the epic battle at Hogwarts and to say that people were still dealing with the loss of their loved ones was an understatement. Hogwarts was being rebuilt and since everyone had fought together, shoulder to shoulder with the evil, it only seemed natural to create a new life from the wreck together. So, the Deputy Headmistress turned Headmistress, professor Minerva McGonagall had sent every Hogwarts student and alumni a letter asking them to volunteer if they will, to help make the castle and manage other things. When Neville Longbottom had received his letter, the first thing he did was to take out the golden coin from his pocket and he flicked it in his hand. This coin which originally belonged to Harry was now his, as he had used this very fake galleon to summon the other members of Dumbledore’s army three weeks ago. Harry felt that it was what helped resurrecting Hogwarts and ultimately kill Voldemort, so he had given him the coin as a token of honour and loyalty to Hogwarts and Dumbledore.
He smiled. Maybe, it was time for another meeting for Dumbledore’s army. Carefully using his wand, he put the date and time on the coin.

May 28, 1998- Hogwarts

That was enough. He knew that Dumbledore’s army won’t need more than that. He looked on his right, there was a barn owl sitting on his night table. Neville’s grandmother had gotten him this owl as a present for making her proud in the Hogwarts battle. Neville had been so grateful to his Gran when she gave him this Owl. He had named it Sand for his sandy coloured feathers. Later that day, he had gone to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries to show it to his parents. Sand tilted its head and gave a low hoot. He smiled and sat on the chair beside the table to write a letter.

“Dear Luna,
I just received a letter from Professor McGonagall asking for volunteers, and decided to go there. I think professor Sprout would like my help. I also sent the message to Dumbledore’s army, as I am sure you might have noticed. I thought that they would come there too.
Uh, I was hoping to see you at Hogwarts, if you can come, I would like that.
P.S. I have got something for you!


He kept the quill aside and tied the letter to Sand’s leg. She cooed and jumped on his shoulder. After nibbling his ear, she left through the window and merged with the night sky.

Trevor croaked as if jealous of the other animal. Neville put a Greenbean in Trevor’s mouth and petted it’s head. The thought of seeing Luna again made Neville happy in a way that he had never been before. He had collected Mollyseeds from his uncle’s backyard. Neville knew that Luna thinks that Mollyseeds are Wisher’s Fissure, a berry with a crevice that fulfill a wish if you hang them around your neck. Neville knew that it wasn’t true and Mollyseeds were seeds used to grow Molly. He loved Luna for her naivety. She had this odd quality about her that allowed her to be her own way without fearing about what others thought about her. Neville thought that she was brave for this, and every battle she had caught against he-who-must-not-be-named was proof that there was no measure of Luna’s bravery. Wishing her Gran goodnight, he lay on bed, thinking about meeting others and Luna. “Does she misses me the same way I miss her?” That was the last thought before he dozed off.