Shortlisted in Readify Author Hunt: Capgemini

Hey readers!

It’s been ages since I posted anything on here and since I want to keep this particular blogpost precise, let’s just say that my plans with this blog are evolving and there will be another post about that soon!

Coming to the topic of this post, I have a great announcement for you all. If you have been following me for awhile, then you know that I am also into writing dark fantasy and paranormal fiction (apart from poetry) and lately, I have been fascinated with the sci-fi genre as well. Who knew that I will be expanding my writerly horizons!! 

Well, recently I had participated in this short story contest hosted by India’s one of the leading apps for readers called Readify in which surprisingly, my story got selected by the judges’ jury!! Can you believe that! I know, I couldn’t.

Now, that I have made it to the second round, it’s up to my readership and support to make my story a winner of the contest. In short, it’s up to you— my readers, to make my short story a winner! Did I mention that you can read my story FOR FREE!!

Each vote counts!!

If I get enough votes, not only do I get to win this contest, but I get a friggin’ publishing contract with Readify.

About the story–
Surviving Death is a dark fantasy story set in a post-apocalyptic world which is a remnant of the war. The narrator of the story has been trying hard to not to run into The Watchers– who are Guards on watch, looking for surviving humans. Whether they get food or death by gun depends on which side of the lands they were born in. All that changes and becomes significant, however, when the narrator comes across this mysterious horse that seems like it has descended from the heavens. What happens next is unexpected!

If you like this summary, please take a moment to read my story and if you LOVE it, then please vote for my story and help me make it a winner!
All I need is your support.

How can you read the story?

1. Use my invite code CHD315 when you sign up on this app.

2. From that top left corner, click on the main menu button and select Readify Author Hunt

3. Select RAH- Capgemini and vote for the story called Surviving Death by Kashish Kaur.


To tempt you further, here’s an excerpt from my story-



Some reviews by the people who have read the story –






That’s all for now. Stay tuned to my blog to track my recent activities as there is A LOT of developments that I have to share with you all.

*Some text is hidden on purpose to maintain the privacy of reviewers as well to maintain the reviews spoiler free.