The Curse Of Kythia


This is a newspaper report that I wrote as my entry for the monthly Instagram writing challenges. I incorporated two challenges- #cmmaychallenge by @cerynnmccain and #mayfalls challenge by @aseawords and @breath_words_ of Instagram.

The daily themes for the write up were “Beach Towels” and “from far away galaxies” and as I was not able to use my phone for typing due to pain in my arms (I was injected multiple vaccines on May 4, IST and I wrote this on May 5, IST), so I decided that I would write something smaller, incorporate the two challenges so that my work would be minimized and I wouldn’t have to make two separate posts.

Destiny however, had thought different for me. Right when I saw the daily prompts, I knew I had to write a newspaper report combining the two and when I started writing, I couldn’t stop. I didn’t mind the pain in my arms, nor the word length of the post, I just wanted to keep on writing, I just wanted to know more about the story.

This write up is really special to me. Writing this taught me that I should not be afraid to write something out of conventional (LOL, I think by now, I should accept that for myself but figures writer’s  doubt is real) and never underestimate myself as a writer, because never in my friggin’ life, did I imagine that I would write a fictitious news report.

I really want to thank my friend, Cerynn McCain, the lovely Ashley, and Sea Words for the challenges they are hosting. Without you guys, this piece would have never been possible, and I would not have my realization. ♥

So, without further Adieu, here is the what I wrote as my entry for the iInstagram challenges-

The Nation Daily

A Deformed Jane Doe found: Could it be a demon?

May 4, 2017, Brymshyre

Wrapped in a beach towel on the Blue Bay Beach was found a corpse, with its ears abnormally elongated and nose strangely round, and toes lacking toenails. The odd Jane Doe  with purple skin was found in the waters of the River, on the evening of May 3, 2017 by the local fisherman named Jerah. “I was on my daily routine of fish hunting, when I felt something bulky with my spear in the waters. When I went into the water to see what it was, I was in shock.” he said.

Mr. Shamuel Tysson, founder of the Ghostlaxy Inc, the leading Non-profit paranormal investigation society of Newland claims that this is the corpse of the Legend Kythia, the demon prophesied about a century ago. “Right when I looked into its eerie and sorrowful eyes, I knew it was not of this world but something from far away galaxies.” He said.

According to the prophecy, Kythia is a purple skinned demon whose presence curses its surrounding. No evidences have been found as of yet, to hold the prophecy with regard, but Mr. Tysson says, “It’s just a matter of time until the seal of the curse breaks open and brings hell upon the mankind.”

It is in fact something to ponder about as according to the research of The Nation Daily, Mr Tysson’s theories have indeed been turned out to be true. He predicted the Spirit Storm after the Tornado in Brymshyre last year, and the storm indeed caused more destruction than the prior Tornado, causing more than 170 people to get possessed by the Earthbound spirits. The town was sealed and a great ritual was performed by Tysson’s team to cause the mass exorcism. This forces the possibility that Mr. Tysson’s theory might indeed be the right  one about this as always.

However, there are alternative theories too about the identity of this Jane Doe. Senior Police In Chief of Brymshyre, Mr. Ronald Madarski said that the corpse could belong to a locale involved in some cult. “The kind of those which compel you to do stuff to your body and then kill you because you got proof against the cult leader.” he said.
The Jane Doe remains a mystery until the autopsy is executed however. Until then, we can only wonder.


Krimson Payne aka Kashish Kaur ©®


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