The Song of Her Promise



The Moon was celebrating its monthly funeral while the owls hooted in the thick, darkest dead of the night. Rosario was following the trails of the most beautiful song he had ever heard; that seemed to caress right behind his ear, tracing along his neck with an intensity that was too raw to be embellished in words. Heart beating faster, he wondered if an enchanted Siren was singing this epiphany that resembled the sheer need that pulsated in him- too profound, too enthralling to resist. Mesmerized by the spell, he kept on walking obliviously deaf to the crunch of the bones as he stepped on them, or the snakes which dangled from the branches, paying tribute to their mistress.

Edna breathed in the musky scent of a human. “One more fool,” she thought with a predatory grin that could both chill bones and make the skin crawl and resumed singing her song, which was in the language of Snakes, except the hissing when rolling of her tongue sounded more like a caramel coated promise of- a kiss? Seduction? Death? She wasn’t sure.

The be-spelled man reached in front of her, his expression dazed. She smiled. A promise of all of them, she decided as the heady human scent took over her. She rose from the ground, walked to him- her black robe trailing behind her and ceased singing. A moan escaped Rosario and he shuddered due to their proximity. That was all the pass she needed. She opened her mouth, fangs popped out and a forked tongue slithered along her lips and then she kissed him hungrily on his lips. Rosario’s eyes rolled upwards, his legs convulsed and he fought for his breath as his skin started turning bluish-green. Edna let go of him; blood dripping from her mouth, her once luscious lips now obscured by her fangs and she spat out something that was drenched in blood- Rosario’s tongue.

“Fools. All of them!” She thought and went back to her spot, waiting for another fool and resumed her poisonous song of promise of pleasure and death.


© ® Kashish Kaur

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