Slavery of Sin and Skin


Flushed flesh, broken bodies,

bites and blood oozing from the wistful wounds.

During days, I dance with demons,

near night the devil himself holds my hair  

and play with my pleasure and pains.

Burning bold, smoldering smoke;

flesh on flesh ignites the friction of the tempting sins.

The heat is real

and so are the nightmares notorious

in the Netherlands of nevermore.

Addiction of adultery, caught and claimed within the whispers and my gasps.

Yearning for eternal ecstasy which shall enlighten the elated nerve-endings of my existence.

Tonight, I am a slave of sinful songs of skin and smoke.

Tonight, I surrender to the yearning that will yearn for evermore.

The reminders of the rhythms of the the last thrust,

the demander of the dirty dance of enticing depths,

here I look at my master- a divergent demon. Here I revere my master- an urgent demand.

Kashish Kaur ©

4 thoughts on “Slavery of Sin and Skin

  1. Dear Kashish !! I am reading your work since the last night may and i must admit i am getting lust about it in the lack of better expression! The dark side which you have explored and written about is different and definite !! Slavery of sin and skin… would like to know the idea behind this.To Play with My pleasures and Pain – Beautiful Expression of the dark side of the love which we all fantasize yet not able to accept, which we all want to get pleased with but afraid of Pain! Lust without love or love without lust is sifar, holding the hands and chaining the hands can ever be differed…!!


    1. Hey Ankit! Thanks for your visit at my blog and reading my content.
      Though, I am afraid to say that you have gotten the wrong impression from my poetry. This poetry- The Slavery of Sin and skin is about the cycles of inner demons that are so deeply engraved in our subconscious mind, that we despite our several attempts can not break free from the endless spiral our life becomes due to these inner demons.
      You mentioned specifically- “To play with my pleasure and Pain” well, in the context of this poem, this line means that “Despite endless suffering and pain one receives from these cycles, one still can’t break free from those cycles which causes more pain in turn.”
      I assure you that by no means, the idea behind this poem was discuss alternative fantasies and taboo topics. This poem was just a mere attempt of mine, to address the psychological blocks and the destruction they bring in one’s life, and yet, despite all the struggle to break free from those patterns, how a person fails because staying in the familiar zone (even if it is repetitive failure) is not only comfortable and home for the ego, but also a temptation.

      P.S. I hope you get the message now and I hope that you don’t need to copy and paste the comment on all the entire social media to get a response!



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