The Shadow


Preach the secrecy of darkness,

The eternal cult of seducing the solitude.

Here, the priestess stare and scry

The memories lived forever and never.

Preach the mighty miracles of the moon

The tranquil beauty, invincible as ever.

Here, the lies are lamented by the reflections in waters

Who lie that its depths are as same as the black heavens.

Preach the kiss of the midnight sky

As the priestess of dark and damned stand

Here, she deciphers the meaning of death and life

Of thoughts and things, of memory and remedy.

Preach the secrets of the what hides behind the Shadow

Everpresent as sins on skin, yet hiding in the corners of psyche

Deep within- the seeds of spirits in the heart of the ocean-

lies the shadow, waiting to be preached.

Kashish Kaur ©

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