The Circle


How many times must the clock tick?
How many suns must sink low for the moonless gloom.
How many turns must the hourglass should receive?
Before its the end of the circle.
It does loom ahead, doesn’t it— the end?
There must be a finish line; or else they wouldn’t pretend.
How many breaths must be taken in
Before the last breath is taken away.
How many nights are yet to be dreamed,
Before the unbreakable circle is broken.
How many births? How many lives?
How many deaths; then why must my soul survive?
This is the circle of time- is there really an end?
Or is it not circle but one continuous neverending line?

7 thoughts on “The Circle

      1. On the contrary, if you consider circle as the cycle of birth-death-birth-…, then the straight line isn’t ‘liberation’.. It’s DISTORTION.. An endless oblivion, a deathless life OR a no-rebirth death..

        If birth-death is the circle, then, by analogy, the length/circumference of the circle is the lifeline, right?
        Though the radius of this circle, like the spokes of a wheel, keep you tethered to the center- the mortality- it also does give you a purpose as well, right?? It keeps you going, at least, even though it’s often not a direction that we fancy!!

        But,in line, this tug of the spoke, the binding of the radius is what vanishes, right?? The center (mortality) moves into infinity (God), but also anything on the circumference also loses its chord/connection to infinity, right??

        So,I think (although I’m not thinking exactly clearly) that it’s a very cryptic message:
        “The real connection to God lies in death and mortality itself, and not in “liberation” from it; just like the connection between any point on the circle’s circumference and the center is dependent on the radius. Without death, you’re on your own. Ergo, Death is indeed the Truest form of God!!”


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