Look, mom, how I fly!


Look, mom, how I fly!
The things you told me, here they don’t apply.
The moment of birth and now life is mine
I am the five senses and I am the shrine.
I live and rule, and here I am the god of time
I am the alchemist, for I have the hourglass of time.
Look, mom, how I fly!
Here, the lessons you preached, don’t apply.
Night beckons, darkness growls
The waning moon welcomes the hooting owls.
Mother is here, she is fierce
Her eyes bloodshot, dreadful she appears.
Trident in her hand, she dances in infernal fire
Which freezes my heart in the death’s pyre.
Her manifestation- a reminder that the life’s truth is death
She is life’s mother, for she never disappears but rests.
Her trident lanced in my heart and here I fly,
You were the truth, Oh! Death, mother of life
Only death is eternal.
Look, mom, how far I fly.


© Kashish Kaur http://www.krimsonravyn.wordpress.com


This poem was inspired by #kaafiyamilao #kaafiyapoetry prompt on facebook.



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