She watches me, the predator with eagle eyes
She bids her time for those fatal strikes.
She walks with me when the night is young
Fear glide over my skin, as do her venomous tongue.
Hammering heart, and the ground shakes
Fated to the dead end she so seductively makes.
Chocked breath, I dare to look at my reflection
She takes over me as I give in to her sinister temptation.
Implode, scream, free fall, break the mirror, bleed with the shards
I am her voodoo doll and she is the bard.

She holds the hourglass, like once she held the goblet of my blood
Now droplets slide down with each pulse, each thud.
Veined eyes, hazy vision, rising bile
Will I be ever more than a flesh-blood-bone pile?
Her breath- my death, my death- her dream
My dreams- murdered, my haunting failures- her team.
She lives in me, takes over me, possess me
She is fear, my inner demon who wakes and sleeps in me.


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